oh wow racism and cultural appropriation all in one picture YAY!


like no one has donated to the “walk with tyler posey” cancer fund link he posted earlier and i’m kind of like floored?

come on guys, it’s a great cause plus posey is a box of puppies and candy and sunshine- drop a dollar and enter for a chance to meet him.

Just for reference:


News organizations that referred to Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley Manning) by her gender:

  • Daily Mail 
  • Huffington Post
  • Slate
  • The Guardian
  • The Atlantic Wire
  •  Al Jazeera
  • Rolling Stone

News organizations that intentionally misgendered Chelsea Manning:

  • Today
  • USA Today
  • the Daily News
  • New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Politico
  • The Boston Globe
  • CNN
  • Fox
  • the Daily Beast
  • New York Post
  • ABC news
  • Chicago tribune



Look me in the eye and tell me that this isn’t practically canon


But that one interview where Posey talks about how he doesn’t collaborate with Jeff on these things and that Jeff doesn’t like his ideas is SUPER FUCKING telling of Jeff Davis that he doesn’t even consider what his main character/lead is telling him. Like ok davis, ok. I just can’t stand him ugh, why do my favorite shows have such shit runners. like really tho.


Bartolomeo Cavarozzi, The Sacrifice of Isaac, c. 1617-8


the king who sits upon a sea of bones
he takes the kingdom for his own

was it worth it?

[ YA #8 inspired AU in which loki finally wins. or does he? ]


Namora by Stephanie Hans


I am kind of feeling ambivalent towards tomorrow night’s episode.So we will probably get some heartbreaking backstory about Stiles’ Mom, a Stiles breakdown and lots of tears?

How am I supposed to care about another teary-eyed Stilinski family moment that might include Stiles getting emotional about a person we have not even met and never will, a moment that will probably do nothing for the storyline (of course you can always prove me wrong show) when not a single tear was shed for characters that actually existed in the show, like Erica and Boyd?

Getting emotional moments and character background stories is ok if it contributes to the story. If they are just filler scenes and use up screen time that could be used better, well, for example for showing the emotional impact of actual show events like

Erica’s death

Boyd’s death

Cora’s return

Scott’s reaction to Peter being around

Lydia’s reaction to Peter being around

Everyone’s reaction to Derek being alive

Isaac’s reaction to Derek’s abuse

Scott’s reaction to being a true alpha and Deucalion’ plans for him

Stiles and Scott’ s dealings with Scott’s attempted suicide

then I do reserve the right to not care. Because the emotional fallout of each of the forementioned events to me would be much more interesting  and in my eyes would also satisfyingly tie up actual show storylines. Instead, the emotional consequences of each and every of these situations were ignored or hastily brushed over. 

So sorry, I cannot bring myself to care about another round of Stilinski family feels when moments that are much more relevant to the overall storyline of the show  were never properly resolved.